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Voice Mail • IC/OOC

You've reached Gokudera.


This better be important.


Video • Eat This Llama Clause

[The following message is brought to you by a snarling, but very serious Gokudera Hayato] 

First off, I didn't ask for this shit.

Secondly, I don't want anything to do with another perverted old quack. [Translation: doctor] Like hell I'm giving a gift to one.

And I don't fucking listen to pack animals! Since when do they even know how to type?

Hah! They can't even type, because camelids don't have fingers and their nails are so long, it'd probably make even less sense than that idiot's text messages if it TRIED.

[And in eloquent conclusion:] So to hell with this. Tch!


Video • Gokudera Hates Love-Letters

[There's a growl before this anonymous prank love letter is shoved in the face of the Dreamberry screen, for everyone to read]

I've noticed you around a lot... I know you don't notice me, but...

I wanted to confess my feelings to you!

Too bad I'm too much of a coward to do it in person, Gokudera-kun...

So maybe I'll just keep sending you gifts until you're able to figure it out!

I hope you like these flowers. They remind me of you. Soft and delicate...


[After about ten seconds - which may not be enough time to finish reading, but damnit that's all the patience he has right now, and that's pushing it -- Gokudera wrenches the sheet of paper out of view again, followed by some angsty crumpling sounds, only to replace the view with his scowling, OK blushing-scowling face]

The hell is this?

I want to know who sent this -- [A moment where the blush turns darker and Gokudera tries to mask it with a twitching, angry eye. So making the humiliation worse on himself...] SO I CAN END YOU!

[And fuck no, he will NOT be mentioning the flowers]


Video • F-frozen

It's f-fucking cold. [NO, HE DID NOT JUST STUTTER. Obviously that was due to shitty Dreamberry reception. OK, or maybe the fact that Gokudera is freezing, even with two cigarettes between his fingers and all the covers around his shoulders and a majority of his face, minus to part where the smoke is being released]

I hate this place and its stupid weather.

[BRB, lighting another cigarette for good measure, only to drop one that was already lit]

Shit. [What a waste. Damn frozen fingers. This shitty cottage is supposed to be an upgrade from the even-shittier hotel room. The hell happened to proper climate control? The heater keeps crapping out]

Voice • Vongola Distress Call OK

[Gokudera is awake.

[Creepy noises woke him up, then shadows moving across the window, so now you have the pleasure of being woken up by a very edgy Gokudera, whose voice sounds about as paranoid as it is gravelly - which is to say a lot]


There's an U.F.C. outside. I don't know what the hell it is, but it can fly -- and I swear it has red eyes.

I'm serious. I just heard --

[There it is again.

[Did you hear it that time, Somarium? Did you?

[Don't blame you. It's probably just him. Still, Gokudera's voice catches right before he barks at the window outside the bedroom]

Show yourself, you asshole, or I'll end you right now!

Action/Text • Stormy Weather


[That's the sound of bombs going off by the lake. Doesn't matter that it's pouring rain and storming out. The Tenth is gone and Gokudera is going through all the stages of grief. This would be anger.

[That and he has waterproof bombs to test. Obviously they're successful.

[Right after the explosion, Gokudera picks up his Dreamberry and dispassionately types the word]


Video • Home Sick


[Gokudera breaks off with a cough. For once, it has nothing to do with smoking]

I'm sorry, Tenth, but I won't be able to walk you to school today. [Swallows, looking SO ASHAMED for this. But Gokudera isn't stupid. He knows fevers point to contagion and there's no way he's going to get the Tenth sick! As soon as he's better, he'll be stalking showing up at Tsuna's door]

Oi, Yama-- [Hacking cough cuts him off. Gokudera turns his face away from the Dreamberry, squeezing his eyes shut] Fuck.

[Dreamberry clatters to the ground]

Video • Rude Awakening

[When the Dreamberry clicks on, it's to the sound of cursing]

...the fuck?

[The bedclothes are being ripped back as Gokudera clambers out of bed. He rushes across the room, throws open the door to the bathroom, and switches on the light. Off the screen, there's some shuffling as his shirt is removed, then a relieved bark of laughter, which continues for like ten seconds until Gokudera is choking, because, ugh, smoker's

Damn right! [He tells himself. Satisfied, he retrieves his pack of cigarettes, removing one and lighting it before his eye catches on the Dreamberry. Snorting, he grabs for it and a wild-haired, red-eyed, shirtless Gokudera comes into view]

Listen up, assholes. I don't know how much you just saw [he's assuming his dream was broadcasted too, so desperate face-saving measures are obv necessary] -- Gokudera Hayato is not a girl.

[And ending the feed after one last scowl, huffing smoke]

Video • School Days


I figure school's going to start up soon. I'm not saying I care, but I want to know when. And I better be in the same class as the Tenth.

Filtered to Yamamoto combiplay :
You better make time for your studies. It's embarrassing to be associated with a flunky, even in a dream world.

Filtered to Tsuna
[info]27hyperdyingwil :

Are you excited about school starting back?

I'll go with you to get a new uniform! [Since their old clothes didn't survive the flood]

Accidental Voice • Big Boys Don't Cry

[You can't see that Gokudera is on his second pack of cigarettes for the day or that his room is a mess or that there are sticks of dynamite everywhere - almost lit, and tossed aside.

[You can't see the face of despair and utter failure that he's making at the opposite wall beneath the bowed head of hair, but as the Dreamberry clicks on, it still catches the sound of the boy huddled in the bed still waxing emo about his missing boss, friend, most important person]



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